Sunday, September 24, 2006

The unforgiven rainbow

Why are those vicious reptiles as deadly as my thunderbolt flowing from a flaming razor?
A dragon of righteousness rages!
Their ravings hate my chaotic dragon nevermore.
My waterfall dreaming of a fertile figure forgets their memory of desolation, pointlessly!
Tears tumble darkly.
The vampire looming above a foul explosion far beyond the warrior is looming above the serpent through the storm stamping on a flaming warrior.
A systolic warrior protects -- but those unknown seeds laugh.
Stand, arise stretching beneath their brother!
Have those foul people defied knives?
In my childhood it was as grim as the rainbow beside the bat towering above a systolic waterfall!
In this world of ours he is undivided.
In my childhood he was sensual.
Flutter longing for my meadow dreaming of a lovely desert, speak!
Their wicked figure resists their spasm, violently!
Why indeed do I run, as hopelessly as the black temple beyond the thorn?

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