Monday, March 06, 2006

What to write in your journal may cause you some trepidation. That need not be the case. Nobody’s going to come checking. Remember your second-grade teacher? Well, Mrs Grundy’s not coming to point out that you’ve messed up your participles again. You are writing in your journal primarily because you want to get rid of those negative thoughts and feelings.
So write whatever you want - little vignettes about your day, something that struck you about the evening light as it fell on the empty street, your husband’s repeated snoring which has at last begun to resemble an alien orchestra… you get the point? You can write it out of your system. For example, you have just received your second rejection of one day and are contemplating attacking the cat. Don’t do it. Instead write in your journal about what you could do to make the rejected pieces better. Or where else you can send it to. It’s healthier.
By the way, you are allowed to curse the Editor in your journal. Only don’t ever show it to him.