Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Little Progress

If you're not able to make a lot of progress today, then make a little progress. If you're not able to make just a little progress, then you're really not committed to success.
But that's ok, because you can make that commitment anytime you choose. Right now would be an excellent choice.
What it takes is some focused effort in the direction of your goal. A small effort is just fine, as long as you keep it going.
For when you make a little progress, and then make a little more, it begins to quickly add up. Whatever the objective may be, small, consistent steps can surely and steadily get you there.
And the great thing is, a little progress is well within your reach. What's even better is that once you make that little bit of progress, you'll be anxious to make a little more.
In this steady, focused manner, the biggest dream you can dream is something you will surely attain. Just make a little progress, then keep making a little more.