Monday, June 26, 2006

on flowers

Flowers have been given a special significance for centuries. They have long been treasured for their scent and their beauty. Perhaps nobody has esteemed flowers, however, as highly as the people of the Victorian age. For them, flowers were so important they even used them to convey secret messages. Using flowers, gentlemen and ladies became more courageous in expressing their feelings. As the English poet Thomas Hood so eloquently stated, "Sweet flowers alone can say what passion fears revealing."

Revive the romance of times gone by. Give a bouquet of flowers that not only has a special scent or special beauty, but a special meaning thorugh Share the secret language of flowers.

Live your passion

What are you passionate about? Dare to express and expand that passion in everything you do.
Stand back and look at your life from a distance, as an objective observer. What you'll see is a pattern, a common thread running through all the various aspects of all that you have done.

That common thread is connected to a passion living deep inside of you. The more fully you allow that passion to flow from you, the more richness your life will know.

The more readily you admit and express that passion to yourself and to the world, the more fulfilling your moments will be. Keeping it hidden and suppressed will only lead to pain and regret.

There is a passion in you that is constantly pushing to see the light of day. Let it out and let it grow.

That passion is a unique and precious gift that you have to offer to life. Give it freely, with vigor, with courage, with love, and let all truly experience its special value.